Mallam Market Project 1

Distance from Mallam market –Dansoman beach; 7.6km (25minutes), a fast route due to traffic conditions. A river behind Mallam market flows to join the sea at a distance of 7.6km. This River is improperly managed by the inhabitants and the market community as a whole. Dumping of spoiled remains of the market product such as routed vegetables, dead poultry remains expired foods and even a place of human waste. Improper cattle grazing along the river banks has also been a major challenge. This activity has resulted in the extinction of aquatic creatures in the river as well as the ocean. A report from my joy online news indicates that there has been a wash ashore of dead fishes at Ghana’s beaches, Also insects and other animals who depend much on the river is greatly affected. One of the major policies of the Ghana Government in 2017 was to make Ghana one of the cleanest cities in Africa. Under this policy, the government began to evacuate half a million tone refuse at the Mallam market damp site in Accra. The dumping site has now been used for commercial marketing purposes. A problem arising from this situation is that there is now insufficient waste control materials to manage those numerous waste product from the market community. The community has therefore directed most of its waste materials to the nearby river, causing harm to the aquatic creatures, insects, and other animals which depend greatly on the river body. GLaNO has taken the task to educate the community to help change this bad behavior of the market community.

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