World Cleanup Day 2023: Ghana Joins Forces for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Nkyirimma Organization: Making a Sustainable Impact on World Cleanup Day 2023

Brussels, Belgium, June 7th, 2023: The global stage was set for ttatascarpe gabssaldi ynotoutlet blundstoneoutlet coralbluescarpe akuschuhe guardianialberto akuscarpe benettonoutlet corinne abbigliamento sexy saldigeox scarpeovye chilloutsmutze negozitata uspoloassnscarpehe inspiring kickoff event of World Cleanup Day 2023 at the European Parliament on June 6th, where the spotlight shone on the circular economy and the significant role of civil society movements and individual fsu jersey fsu jersey custom ohio state jersey aiyuk jersey deuce vaughn jersey fsu jersey brock purdy jersey college football jerseys brock purdy jersey custom ohio state jersey deuce vaughn jersey johnny manziel jersey college football jerseys oregon football jerseys deuce vaughn jerseyactions in promoting responsible resource usage. Distinguished speakers, including Roberta Metsola (President of the European Parliament), Marion Walsmann (Member of the European Parliament), Holger Holland (EU Climate Pact Ambassador and European Director of Let’s Do It World), and Heidi Solba (Let’s Do It World President and Head of Global Network), shared their insights.

World Cleanup Day, a global civil society initiative, unfolds each year on the third Saturday in September, marking the world’s most prominent grassroots citizen movement dedicated to eradicating environmental pollution and plastic waste. In 191 countries, millions of people unite to clean up streets, parks, beaches, forests, rivers, shores, and seas, ridding them of the thoughtlessly discarded waste and plastic debris that tarnish our natural beauty. Last year, the campaign garnered astounding success, with over 15 million participants from more than 190 countries joining hands to make a difference.

For this year’s World Cleanup Day on September 16th, the esteemed President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, once again extends her patronage, recognizing the significance of such initiatives. Metsola declared, “Days like World Cleanup Day remind us of the urgent need to enhance our environment. I extend my gratitude to the Let’s Do It World initiative for their commitment, and I pledge to continue fostering collaboration between the European Parliament and the global community.”

“The waste we encounter is a stark symptom, a cruel outcome of our way of life, one that must be redesigned out of the circle. World Cleanup Day is forging a societal shift and fostering cross-sectoral cooperation to find solutions. Our leaders in Brussels were thrilled to witness the ongoing collaboration, as well as the resounding support for World Cleanup Day’s inclusion in the UN’s official calendar,” affirmed Heidi Solba, President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It World, the driving force behind World Cleanup Day.

The citizens of Europe have committed themselves to a vision of a clean, healthy, and plastic-free world. In 2022, Europe made a resounding statement with nearly 2.4 million participants, over 32,000 events, and the active engagement of more than 10,000 municipalities in World Cleanup Day. Holger Holland, EU Climate Pact Ambassador and World Cleanup Day European Regional Director, passionately called upon people across Europe and around the globe to show their commitment on September 16th to this noble cause.

Leaders from 27 countries, all champions of the World Cleanup Day (WCD) movement, graced the Brussels kickoff event, joining hands with the European Parliament President to inspire participation in this year’s WCD. A panel discussion featuring these leaders delved into the role of the EU Climate Pact within the European Green Deal framework and the potential for collaboration between the WCD movement, the EU, and other global regions. The conversation underscored the collective efforts required to address environmental challenges and usher in a cleaner, more sustainable future, with a particular emphasis on the pivotal role of civil society movements in influencing policy changes, raising awareness, and mobilizing citizens to take action.

At Nkyirimma Organization, we take immense pride in being a key participant in this monumental global movement. Our commitment to a cleaner and greener world aligns seamlessly with the mission of World Cleanup Day, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to making a sustainable impact.

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